Nouveau Dictionnaire Des Huiles Vegetales par E. Ucciani

January 21, 2020

Nouveau Dictionnaire Des Huiles Vegetales par E. Ucciani

Titre de livre: Nouveau Dictionnaire Des Huiles Vegetales

Auteur: E. Ucciani

ISBN: 2743000090

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"Nouveau Dictionnaire des Huiles Vegetales" is a valuable source of reference by virtue of the detailed botanical, chemical and bibliographical data it contains, as well as the respective ranges given for each composition, and its 2000 entries on wild species. Although published in French, it is an useful tool for English-speaking professionals, as the terminology in this field is alike in both languages. The book consists of two parts and two indexes. The first part lists each plant alphabetically with fatty acid composition, family, genus, species and geographical origin given for each variety. Fatty acids referred to in the first part make up the second part with nomenclature and main botanical origin in each case. The two indexes contain both the family groups and species relating to the main part of the dictionary, as well as a bibliography of articles.